Cherwell- Hand Brushed Burgundy

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Product Description

The Cherwell mens shoe is a classic design with a twist, made in partnership with our factory in India.
The Oxford shoe first appeared in Scotland where they were called Balmorals, however they soon become Oxfords as they derive from the Oxonian, a half boot that was worn by students at Oxford University.

The classic style of this shoe will allow you to slip into a pair of quality shoes that keep their shape and structure throughout wear. This style is available in black calf, hand brushed brown and hand brushed burgundy leather and with a contrasting thread colour and wax polish finishes for that extra personal touch. The toe cap has been expertly crafted from hand picked leather ensuring an attractive fine line finish.
The sole is made from a premium Italian leather which is injected with high grade rubber to give added durability, whilst keeping the neat lines of a full leather sole.

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