The Barker Guide To Men's Loafers

Posted by Lee Fleming on

A laceless menswear classic that should feature in every gentleman's wardrobe or shoe rack is the slip-on loafer but there are many variations that can make finding the best fitting loafer less straightforward than it may first appear. 

Men's black penny loafer by Barker.Men's brown tassel loafers by Barker.                                                         Jevington                                                                                             Newborough                                                           

The Barker guide to men’s loafers includes several popular slip-on styles from the Barker shoe range that feature in the Handcrafted, Creative and Professional collections to name a few. Within the prestigious Handcrafted collection, you’ll discover the Jevington loafer and Newborough tassel loafer. The Jevington is an F fitting Penny Loafer style made on the 478 last from premium calf and grain leather as well as soft suede on both leather or Dainite rubber sole. The Newborough is one of the most recent additions to the Handcrafted collection and is available in several colourways including the Black, Dark Brown and Rosewood grain. 

Black penny loafers for men by Barker.Men's burgundy hi shine penny loafer for men.                                                     Portsmouth                                                                                                 Caruso                                                            

Other classic penny loafers by Barker include the Portsmouth from the Professional collection and Caruso, the oldest style to remain in the current Barker collection and deservedly features in the Icon Series. Caruso is also made on the oldest last shape still used in the Barker Earls Barton factory, the number ten last from high-grade polished leather. Another hi-shine slip-on is Clive, a traditional tassel loafer that is available in Black and Burgundy. 

Men black tassel loafer by Barker.Men brown tassel loafer by Barker Shoes.                                               Studland                                                                                                         Studland                                                            

A firm favourite when it comes to tassel loafers is Studland, a professional slip style made on the 487 last from premium calf leather and suede with a rubber sole. Studland is available in Black Rosewood and Castagnia Suede and comes highly recommended by the Barker store teams as its easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  

Men black loafer by Barker.Men brown loafer by Barker.                                                                Frank                                                                                                  Gates                                                            

A new loafer introduced to the Barker collection for the Spring / Summer 2020 season is Frank, a Creative collection horse-bit loafer, Frank is made on the 69 last from calf leather or suede. Like Studland, Frank can be worn for formal occasions or casual with denim jeans or chinos. Other F  fitting loafers by Barker include the Gates loafer, made on the 493 last and features the BarkerTech technology for additional comfort and padding. For an elegant loafer to be worn formally the St Pauls loafer from the exclusive London collection is the ideal handmade loafer for men that serves with purpose and will stand the test of time.  

Men moccasin made using the Bologna construction by Barker.Men hand woven lock-stitched moccasin by Barker.                                                           Ledley                                                                                                  Jake                                                            

For a relaxed look, there are several slip-on styles within the Casual and Mocassin collections that are worth considering including the Jefferson, Javron, Laurie and Laurence loafer styles. An ideal loafer for the Summer months is Jake, made on the 462 last from premium leather, Jake features a perforated design to allow your feet to breath while wearing them. A classic men's loafer made using the Bologna construction is the Ledley loafer which is available in several colourways and made from deerskin, suede and grained leather on a leather sole.