Best Dress Shoes By Barker Shoes

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The Barker collection of handmade shoes includes an extensive range of styles including mens oxfords, mens derbys, mens brogues, mens boots and mens loafers that are made at the Barker factory in the Northamptonshire village of Earls Barton. There is several dress shoes for men featured in the Handcrafted and Professional collections that have remained best sellers for many seasons thanks to their timeless design and traditional styling.

Mens Black Oxford shoes by Barker. Lerwick - A semi brogue oxford shoe for men by Barker. Falsgrave - A mens brown oxford shoe by Barker.

A timeless style that is at the top of the list when it comes to considering a dress shoe is the classic mens oxford shoe. Several Barker Oxford shoes that regularly feature in our best dress shoes list include the Arnold and Winsford from the Professional collection and from the prestigious Handcrafted collection there is Falsgrave and Lerwick. If you’re looking for a formal Oxford shoe with a functional sole we’d recommend Burford, its made on the 469 last from premium calf leather on a British Dainite rubber sole.

Albert - A black leather mens brogue shoe by Barker.Westfield - A brown leather mens brogue shoe by Barker.Alfred - A black leather mens brogue shoe by Barker.

Classic mens brogues by Barker include the Albert and Alfred, both are made on the 69 last using the Goodyear-welted construction from polished leather with a full leather sole. Another classic brogue but from the Country collection is Westfield, crafted on one of the oldest Barker lasts, the number 29, Westfield features a refined toe design and wide punched detail throughout. Benefiting from a durable Goodyear Storm Welted construction with a double leather sole, Westfield is sure to stand the test of time. 

For a more adventurous style the monk strap is a silhouette that makes a statement no matter the occasion. The Barker Tunstall double monk strap shoe is made on the 386 last from premium calf leather on a full leather sole.

Bedale - A black hi shine boot By Barker. Mansfield - Mens chelsea boot by Barker Shoes.Tunstall - A mens black monk strap shoe by Barker.

A staple shoe for any gentleman's wardrobe and an ideal companion for both smart and casual occasions is the Chelsea Boot. An adaptable boot style the Barker Bedale is the best dress boot option and features in the Barker Professional collection. Made from polished leather on the 469 last, the Bedale is a G fitting style whereas the Mansfield Chelsea Boot is F fitting but is made from calf leather and burnished suedes on a choice of leather or British Dainite rubber soles.

Portsmouth - A mens brown leather loafer by Barker Shoes. Caruso - A mens black leather loafer by Barker Shoes.Studland - Mens castagnia suede loafer by Barker Shoes.

An alternative dress shoe that works well in the Summer months is a slip on with the classic mens loafer being first choice depending on the materials used. One of the oldest Barker styles is a traditional Penny Loafer called Caruso which is made on the 10 last, oldest last still in use at the Barker factory. Caruso is made from polished leather on a leather sole and is available in Black and Burgundy Hi-Shine. For a calf leather loafer there’s the Portsmouth, a elegant Penny Loafer style and Studland, a classic tassel loafer that is also available in Castagnia Suede.

The formal dress shoe can come in several styles and shapes but its clear that every gentleman’s wardrobe or shoe rack deserves at least one dress shoe whether it’s by Barker or another English shoe maker.